A monumental day for Venture Capital as we know it.


Today, we launched a simple new way to invest in young growing startups in Africa, a step in our plan to bridge the startups investment landscape. we have been working quietly to provide a stellar service working on a product plan and building out verticals for over a year.


The Beginning of a series for PMs

I like to call a few Legends Founder PMs, and most of the time I have to explain what I mean by few persons have the privilege of being Founder PMs.

Allen Zhang, Steve Jobs, Timigod, Akomolafe Olamide, Abdul Hassan have something more…

All companies struggle with one question — how to expand beyond the first product.

Nigerian Fintech Companies

Answering this question is difficult, especially for fintech companies. This article is particularly focused on B2C fintech companies, but it applies equally to B2B. The differentiation between a good fintech company and a great one lies in the way they expand beyond their first product.

Each fintech startup starts with…


The most difficult job in the Nigerian Consumer Space

Ouredenlife: the Provider of tech-enabled concierge service intended to buy back time for a more enriching lifestyle.

As someone who usually sees consumer apps as a difficult entity, I’ve found myself surprisingly excited about this one. Everyone has had the idea of creating and solving consumer problems for the household…

In the first wave, start-ups ‘unbundled the bank’. After years of unbundling financial services, banks and early entrants have already begun consolidating.

We are fast entering the second wave of FinTech.

For decades, the bank has been a ‘supermarket’ for our financial needs. The bank pays once to acquire you…


I really love product. All kinds of product. I enjoy talking about it too.

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